Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Labeled

My first therapy session was yesterday and it was very healing. I didn't cry, or 'breakdown' about anything. I just answered a series of questions about why I was there. She listened and we laughed at times. After it was over she slapped a label on my condition : Bipolar Disorder type 2.  When i left i wondered how she came to that conclusion so quickly? Is it that obvious? I mean, I wasn't surprised to hear that, it wasn't a slap in the face or anything. But honestly, i always thought the lows I was experiencing were hormonal, and the high's were due to a workout (you know the afterburn you get when you do a kick ass workout, you feel amazing) So she basically told me a had a mini version of the disorder and its treatable with medication.

Its too bad she can't prescribe medication, she referred me to behavioral psychologist so I can get started on it. TBH, Im not sure how to feel about this. The bottom line is I don't like taken medication...what if I feel loopy all day? What if it changes my personality? ......dunno....

Anyways. I never got a chance to workout yesterday :(
I'm hoping to get one in today:)

Thanks Christina and Karen on your last comments:) I will keep everyone updated on how it goes. I have to make an appointment with that psychologist and start my medication...then will see. Wish me luck:)

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