Wednesday, June 08, 2011


...I don't even know how to feel right now :( . For the past few weeks I've had my MIL over about 3/4 days a week. She's here all-day-long, watching TV. I feel like my hands are tied right now...i can't do anything about it. You see, my mother-n-law and I have never really gotten along. Its been an up and down relationship to say the least.

Since November she's had several periods of hospitalization. A wide-range of health problems from congestive heart failure to heart attacks. She's had a few (I think) surgeries too. She just can't be by herself.

sigh, I feel AWFUL for even saying anything to my husband about this but I can't help it. My privacy has been snatched from me :( .  And I don't exactly feel comfortable around her, I never have. His hands are tied too...there really isn't anywhere else for her togo (which kinda pisses me off because its not like he's an ONLY CHILD here, 4 other siblings)

Im just sad :( I'm sick of it. Im trying to be an adult here and just accept it but its SO HARD. DH and I just had words about it and it didn't resolve anything.

and I'm still frustrated, sigh...

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  1. I fear the day that we have to take care of my MIL. My hubby is her "little boy" and she can't make any decision without his okay.

    Drives me battier than you can NOT believe.

    I feel your pain. *hugs* I have no words of encouragement because really.. are there any? lol


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