Thursday, June 02, 2011

Survived a Week On Plan-Its Time to Start Another :)

So its about 7:30 on a beautiful Thursday morning, I've logged my breakfast, lunch & afternoon snack for the day and I still have over 700 calories left.  I had a great free day yesterday, its was so nice to not have to count calories.  I'm ready to start my day today...back on track :)

I had some time at work yesterday to think while on my lunch break. I was reflecting the week, smiling like a goofball, lol.  And something dawned on me. I mentioned before that i turn to food when  Im frustrated or sad. But  I've noticed several days this week when i would be doing some random thing like lets say,  folding laundry, and then a thought comes up from my past. Just something that had  apparently bothered me and I never delt with it then all of sudden I find myself in the kitchen?  Its just crazy?  Its like I'm too scared to feel anything anymore. I have to give myself permission to feel.  So anyways, from now on when I start thinking of the past Im going to remind myself of how far I've come! Then I will pat myself on the back and forget about it. Positive thoughts...positivity works! 

At work last night i sampled some things that have always caught my eye. I had to make peanut butter fudge, and had maybe a piece the size of a tbs of that, of course it was delicious. LOL. Fudge is always good. Then later i  ate about a 1/4 of an onion hamburger roll. They were alright, too salty for my taste though. I also pinched off a piece of some whole wheat oatmeal bread and it didn't taste too bad, but very pricey. At the end of the night I had to make cookie sandwiches for the show case, so of course i made me one - peanut butter with chocolate in the middle (not butter cream chocolate, its a chocolate that they put on donuts) anyways, i ate half of that because it was soooooooooo sweet. I mean the chocolate part tasted like sugar not chocolate at all? Guess im use to dark chocolate now. So all in all, the day yesterday went very well, no 'urges' came over me to eat just because i was on a free day. I kept myself in that 'food will always be there' mindset.

I'm not sure if im going to weigh every 7 days or not...i mean, the scale isn't exactly my friend lately. Its up and down and my moods are right along with it. Weighing once a month makes more since to me. Im going to put it up for the whole month of June and weigh in around the first of July. After all, if I do lose weight it won't be a lot, it will be a lb or two and I'd rather see a few lbs gone at one time.

Yesterday i got in an awesome workout with Cathe's 4DS/HIS, Man my face looked like a tomato when I was done. I was really gasping for air too...i think maybe my body was tired because i don't usually breath that hard with step?  Today I plan on doing CLX lean circuit one (didn't get it in yesterday, i had too many people here and like I said, my body was d*o*n*e after that step workout) and i need to get in some abb work.

My Manager gave me a nice compliment yesterday, she asked if I had lost weight, said she could tell im getting smaller. I told her I think its the heavy lifting and I'm losing body fat. She gave me two thumbs up.

............Later in the day

Its now after lunch and I've completed my workout, CLX is some tough stuff but for some reason these workouts have a HUGE dread factor for me. I guess Im just partial to Cathe Friedrich. It was a good workout though.didn't do the abb workout of course, LOL. I need to start doing those first ;-) to lay in the sun with my little froggies, they are so cute out there. Still on plan and feeling fantastic about it...gonna keep this awesome vibe going guys :)

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