Saturday, June 18, 2011

Slipped Last Night

Went over about 800 calories. It started with a thought, just one little thought "mmmm, there's ice cream in there" and instead of saying no i didn't hesitate. I'm not going to beat myself up this morning. Instead im thinking positive - I had 4, very good days last week so thats what I'm concentrating on :) And today's going to be another good day.

Since I took in so many calories last night I will try and make up for them over the next few days and just have one meal on Tuesday (instead of the usual free day).

anyways. I took a rest day today so today needs to be cardio and some weights. Think I will do the cardio first then the weights. I've got Cathe Friedrich's 4DS out...not sure what im going to do yet though..

I've got to be at work a little earlier then usual today so I need to get my breakfast in me so I can get on with my workout and some cleaning.

Have a great weekend :)

Update: Just finished a 60min workout. Did Cathe's Bodymax 2 step combos + upper body. Great workout and the music was motivating. Now off to get ready for work. Im going to try my best to not eat those calories back...I burned close to 400...thats half of my damage yesterday:)

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