Sunday, June 19, 2011

Putting Things In Perspective I feel like a big, fat failiure :( . For the past two days I have been over calories. And whats sad about it is last night I wasn't even DH was home and the kids were at there grandma's house so it was just the two of us. We felt like doing something together. It was late, i get off around 9pm but walmart is always open, so we headed to walmart. After wallyworld he wanted  we wanted some icecream. So we went to mcdonalds ( I guess you can call that crap icecream ;-) DH and I split a large fry and we both had a hot fudge sunday.

sigh, this is hard.

The good news is that my entire upper body is sore....thanks to the AMAZING Cathe Friedrich :)

Now if I can find a balance here. Maybe I should try two higher calorie days a week so I don't feel so derived?  If MFP has me losing weight at 1440 a day I could do this:
1440 (a day) x 7 (days in a week) = 10080
so I could do

.My calories so far this week have been:
Monday - 1485
Totals so far this week is -10935
Crap, no wonder I'm not losing weight :/  I'm already 855 calories over, haha
Well that puts things in perspective, doesn't it.?

But I also have to wonder how many calories im burning with my workouts and my job? I'm on my feet the entire time I'm working...and its not just standing still, it walking back and forth.
My stinkin' heart rate monitor broke...its giving me crazy readings. So I guess its time to invest in another one...or get that body bug device that I see on the biggest loser(or a cheaper version).

I will figure this too determined to reach my goal weight.

Im sure if I could just stick to my damn calories i could lose weight...blah

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