Monday, June 13, 2011


So...I've been doing some research on motivation & dieting...and how to keep the too hand-n-hand without falling apart. There are several links on the subject if you google " how to keep yourself motivated to lose weight". And most of the tips are the same.

Tip #1 - Announcing your plan 
Today is day #1. My plan is to track my food on -going by their guidelines (1440 calories a day +workout calories). I plan to log my food and print it out everyday -putting it on the fridge,  to get in my workouts, listen to my body, drink my water and for goodness sake, keep my 'free day' under control. And I will take an oath right now....
" I, Amy T, announces that I will have a free day once a week and on that free day I'm not allowed to make myself sick with food. I will keep that day under control and if I have a hard time getting back on track the next day....i will have to *gulp* stop having a free day and reduced it to a free meal"

 Tip #2 Willpower is turned into Wantpower 
 There is NOTHING in the world that I want more for myself than to finish this weight loss journey and start my maintenance journey. I'm about 18lbs away from that goal. Its been over 6yrs since I've envisioned that goal...and I WILL NOT stop until I reach it.  I have to WANT IT everyday, that want has to be a constant fire burning inside me...even if there's a pizza in the oven and my stomach is growling, if there's brownies in the house...I will grab some diet cocoa, if im having a bad day all around and I think treating myself is having a piece of cake at work...I WILL STOP AND THINK "what do I want more?"   because I WANT to lose weight! I WANT this BAD! I will not rest until this goal is achieved.
. "Losing weight is all about 'wantpower' — about recognizing that you already have all the resources you need to get what you want." ~ Palma Posillico, former VP of training and development for Weight Watchers International.
Tip#3 Absolutely NO Sabotaging Myself
The voices in my head can be brutal sometimes. I would NEVER talk to to anyone the way I 'think' to myself. Its time to change that inner voice. There is absolutely NO reason for me to beat myself up when im doing my best. I have to be my best friend and keep those inner thoughts positive.  Life gets hard..and when and if I slip, I won't fall...I will stand back up and keep on truckin'. Gotta think positive thoughts.

Tip#4 No Perfectionist Thinking 
Ive got to get rid of this all or nothing thinking -its another way of sabotaging myself. Im NOT PERFECT -things happen. like I said before...gotta keep my head up and keep on truckin 

Tip#5 Im My Own Cheerleader!
I can do this. I've proven to myself over and over again. I'VE LOST 112 LBS, thats all the proof I need. When Im feeling discouraged, thats my cheer.  

 This is Day #1 of my NO MORE EXCUSES CHALLENGE!

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