Saturday, June 04, 2011

Its Alll Good

So, instead of waking up with this 'hate the world' feeling because I went over my calories last night I woke up with a 'I don't give a crap' feeling and its water under the bridge. I held back A LOT last night so I consider that a VICTORY!  I think i went over like 325 or something. I just updated my diary if you want to check it out.

so i have to go to work today and of course my DH is off work tonight which totally SUCKS. Our schedule is so crazy...but I can't complain too much since we both have jobs.

Im starting to have mixed emotions about my MIL coming over. She listens to everything i say to the kids, my husband (her son) and she watches everything I do, I feel like im being watched :( . I shouldn't have to feel like this in my own home. But I can't complain about it because she doesn't have anywhere else to turn too. And maybe its all in my mind?
  Im sure she feels awkward being here all the time so im trying to be a good sport about it. Its hard though. My MIL and me don't exactly have the best relationship, in the past she used to live next door to me and it was very hard and challenging to get along with her. But thats the past...she's different now, I think anyway......i really don't care anymore. She needs us right now and Im sure my DH would do the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

Yesterday was Cathe's Lowmax, about 45mins of it. Today will be CLX lean circuit, im so close to finishing the CLX series...its all so exciting.

Have a great weekend :)

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