Friday, June 03, 2011

Feeling Frustrated today :(

I woke up with that sad feeling again. I had 470 calories over my limit last night but I told myself its NOT the end of the world....i just figured I had it all out of my system, binging that is. 

Just got back from the grocery store and my eye's widen when I saw the total. Its so hard when the kids are home from school, i spent 170$ on grocery's that probably won't last no longer than Wednesday.  And for some reason my attention kept going to this lady checking out beside me, she had three kids and almost two buggy's full of grocery's. I thought 'wow, her grocery bill will be twice as much as mine'. (and yes, i was being extremely nosy,lol). Well she paid with a EBT card and, again, i got frustrated because she was dressed better than me, her kids were wearing brand name clothes and she's using food stamps? WTH? Did I miss something here?
Anyways...thats a whole other can of worms that I don't care to open ;-)

So..after grocery's i figured I would make a carrot cupcake recipe I found online last night. The cupcakes are 100 calories a piece. So i mixed, grated and sifted everything together. Then my eyebrow raised when I noticed the oven temp in the recipe, 180? So I went ahead and cooked them anyway and sure enough...they didn't turn out too good :( . Next time I will cook them at 350. They tasted good though and the pics on the blog are amazing. Very good recipe...check it out :)

Anyways. My MIL is here today so Im debating on working out in front of her or waiting until later...not sure yet. I've got Cathe's Lowmax on tabs. Suppose to do CLX burn intervals but im sick of it LOL


  1. O wow, I would have been frustrated seeing the lady using the food stamp card. It's very annoying to see someone using food stamps driving a Lexus (yes I've seen this). It makes me want to scream.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing that recipe. It looks amazing. I will definitely be trying it out in the near future!!

  2. A friend told me that 180c is the equivalent of 350F ( for the cup cake recipe)

    Thanks Joy


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