Sunday, June 12, 2011


so yesterday I managed Step Moves by Cathe Friedrich, then I got called in an hour earlier for that was 9 1/2 hours yesterday...on my feet. We are suppose to get two ten minute breaks but I never have time to take them. I think Im going start MAKING time to take them...

I brought my supper yesterday, sandwich and some carrot sticks w/light ranch dressing. Well, supper time rolls around and i just didn't feel like eating that...i wanted something from the deli . I got me a chicken tender meal that came with a small handful (about 8 or so) small potato wedges and about a 1/2 cup of mac-n-cheese. It was good. But I'm not eating that crap anymore..about an hour later I noticed I as VERY sluggish and just wanted to lay down and take a head was buzzing? I felt awful! I haven't had anything greasy like that or fattening in a very long time. I hated that buzz.

Today is work again and tomorrow then I'm off tuesday. Looking forward to tuesday...blah, im so tired. I can't believe I managed to get in a step aerobics workout I need to get on the treadmill this morning before work and at least power walk for will make me feel better about yesterdays meal. And help get my blood pumping again.

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