Monday, June 06, 2011

Don't Want to Anymore(updated)

 Doing donuts that talking to my boss today and telling her that the one day a week of me doing donuts just isn't going work anymore. I plan on going in after my walk this to do something. I'm miserable when I do donuts :(

will be back later with the results....stay tuned.......

ok...I walked the dog for 30mins then did CLX Lean circuit 2. Whew....glad thats over.One more workout girls...just one more. Teehee, im all giddy like a little

I went down and talked to my boss this morning. She took one look at me and instantly knew something was wrong. I told her my situation and she was really understanding, saying she didn't want to lose me and she has to make her employee's happy. So thats a HUGE relief for me. So after tomorrow *ahem* NO MORE DONUTS. She also complimented me on my lasted work, I decorated some cookie cakes yesterday and she said I did a great job . That was pretty cool....

ok. off to tidy up a little and then get my butt in the pool .

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  1. Glad the talk with your boss went well!

    Sorry I've been a bad commenter. I am still reading though and cheering you on :)


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