Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day #7 My Day Off

Drumroll pls........I lost 1.8lbs this week :D 

So happy this morning. Yay!!! And you know what? It really wasn't that hard. It just took me forever to get started. Its the mindset of saying  no to myself thats hard...I did have some challenging moments through these past 6 days...but i managed and im so happy I did :)

So I told myself when i got back on plan that I would allow a 'free day' or a day that I don't count calories. I have to work tonight so im going to allow myself to eat something there. There are no rules on free day for me...except one. Don't eat just to because I'm hungry. I have to remind myself that this food will ALWAYS be there and there is no need to stuff my face today just because im not counting calories.

Oh and I missed the OA meeting last night because to be honest, I didn't have the gas to get there :/ . The money-sucking-piece-of-shit car in the driveway took all our extra money and guess what? It still isn't working. My husband did pull out the Haynes Manuel for P.T Crusiers last night then all of sudden he bolted out the door and came back in with a big grin on his face holding a blown fuse. So he's going to replace that and he also found some wires that were burned in half so we're hoping that those are the culprit. Stay tuned...

So next tuesday im off and there is no reason i shouldn't be able to go to OA. I think the meetings will give a little extra support and confidence in controlling myself around food when i get in those down/low moods.

Today will also be a good workout since I had a great nights sleep and the last two days i've been off.  I need to do CLX lean circuit 1. I also LOVE to get in a step aerobics by Cathe...will see. I may do the step first.

ok. thats all folks :)

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