Thursday, May 05, 2011

Woke up SO B*TCHY This Morning

So...the kids are up looking for clothes to wear to school and can't find any in there dressers.  I haven't had the time or motivation to fold clothes lately so there all in laundry baskets in my bedroom. I HATE THAT! That's how my mother did her laundry too...threw it all in baskets all wrinkled up and I'll be damned if im doing it that way. So this morning after i get done with my coffee and before DH hits the sack, im folding all those clothes up. I also need to start washing more. I need to find a way to do it without them piling all up. Maybe complete two loads a day and thats it?

Another thing thats got me so bitchy is our financial situation. Bill, bills, bills and i wanted to pre-order. Technically i could pre-order tomorrow but the car needs to be fixed and DH is talking about a 3-day get-a-way at the end of the month so why in the hell would I pre-order now? Maybe i can pre-order before the price goes up :(

anyways...thats whats on my mind this morning. I have to work today and I plan on getting in a workout. I did do some compulsive eating last night.  A bowl of cereal, some sugar free pudding and some baked chips while watching survivor. Just that little bit of stuff put me over 500 calories.  Its seems watching TV and eating are one of my favorite things to do...A bad habit i intend to NIP IN THE BUD tonight...

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