Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to Take OUT the TRASH!

Yesterday I wanted Chocolate cake. I bought a sugar free chocolate cake and cut it in 12 slices ( a serving size) then I brought a slice of it to work. I was happy with that one slice...but there were still 11 slices at home that I had to 'deal' with. (and YES, its that dramatic around here when it comes to "trigger foods" in the house for me) So, I sent home 3 slices with my brother...and he ate some while he was here. My kids had some and DH did too. I ate one after supper today and there are three slices left. THEY HAVE BEEN TAUNTING ME ALL DAMN NIGHT! So finally I said ENOUGH!
Follow the pictures please :)

Bye Bye Birdie...
If felt AWESOME to through that cake away...and I actually went in the kitchen with EVERY intention of eating all three of those peices but I stopped and spoke to myself out loud and asked "Why?" Why do you want to eat this cake when your not hungry?" reality set in and i decided to through it away. SO EMPOWERING! I almost opened up the cake package and poured dish washing liquid on them :P - decided not to waste good dish washing liquid,lol 

(anybody see that episode of Sex And The City when Miranda pours dish washing liquid all over a chocolate cake she made and couldn't stop eating? hilarious)

No workout today but I've been super busy, I did manage to count all my calories today..ended at around 1800 or so. still haven't finished with some chores yet but I needed to blog  and get some of my 'feelings' out. What those pictures don't show is a sink full of dirty to clean them.  


  1. That episode gave me the idea to salt food. When I am some where eating and I know o doggy bag is needed but for some reason not doable (I e I keep picking at the food or emotions prodding me on) I load the food with salt so I wont keep eating it! I get some weird looks if someone notices but oh well!

  2. i spray unwanted food with bugspray ;)


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