Friday, May 13, 2011

Soooo, Whats The Problem?

I was highly pissed off this morning. I had to practice a great deal of self control to prevent myself from STRANGLING MY HUSBAND!!!

Here's the situation: 
 I go online and check our checking account - like I do just about every morning - and im slowly scrolling down the page of my transactions and BOOM, I see it! My jaw drops and i yell at my husband...What did YOU Do? Of course he is completely OBLIVIOUS  to what im talking about until he looks at the computer screen. (which is also annoying) He then shrugs his shoulders and says Oh Yeah...I forgot about that.

Like its no big deal that 160$ is gone out of our checking account and he FORGOT to tell me about it. WTF?

To sum it up, my husband had arranged for a bill to be taken out this morning and didn't bother telling me or writing it on our "bill calender" for me to keep up with. I DON'T LIKE BILL SURPRISES!  I was so mad and I left room and cried in my bedroom. Its either do that or like I said earlier...STRANGLE HIM!

I had to go over our grocery list and cross off some things that I was planning on buying because there wasn't enough $ in the bank now thanks to his irresponsible actions. I was also planning on buying me a bathing suit and thats a no-go now too :(
He still thinks I over re-acted? What the EFFFF ever!!!!
Well...I think he's under reacting. I told him to not do crap like that anymore...urrrrr

Oh and another thing that happened this morning, I went to get groceries and when I get to the store, I realize I FORGOT MY DEBIT CARD! UGH...SHIT!

So besides that, the last two days of eating has been crappy. I've been in this 'eat what I want ' mode and its got to stop. I've also had the last two days off from my workouts. I did walk the dog yesterday but thats not really a 'workout' to me? Today I kicked my own ass with some weight lifting( CLX lean circuit 2 ) then I did the step combo's in Cathe's Step Blast. Great, sweaty workout.....just what I needed.....


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  1. That sounds like a sucky situation, I hope it gets better soon. I would have felt the same what you did, especially if it was completely unexpected and interfered with plans that were already in place.

    Well... At least it's almost Saturday! Have a great weekend!


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