Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slap In The Face! :(

Yesterday's post is like a slap in the face this morning, takes a lot of pride-swallowing for me to admit that i went into the garbage can and pulled that cake out last night and ate two pieces with a glass of milk. I SHOULD have doused the damn cake with dish washing liquid...sigh.   I also stepped on the scale this morning for some reason, thinking it would be down because ive been so good the last three days and NOPE, it was up another lb.

Honestly, i can't wait to get something going with this issue. I know I have a problem...and I need help.

I'm sick of weighing everyday!
I'm sick of sabotaging myself !
I'm sick of always thinking that food will make me feel better...... I don't feel better this morning.

*******Today is another day. :) I've got to stay positive.******

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