Monday, May 16, 2011

A Rough Phase?

Yesterday I posted about seeing a Therapist. I talked with my husband and my family (mom and sister) about it and all three of them said they didn't think I needed one? They all said that i was just off track right now and when I get my mind set again I would be fine. My husband reminded me that even though i haven't been successful in losing much weight lately - I have succeeded in keeping what I've lost off and that IS a big deal and I was just going through a rough phase right now, it would all smooth over soon.

He's right...why do I always concentrate on the negative?

Now they have me second guessing the therapist, they see something in me that I couldn't find yesterday...yesterday i was lost and felt overwhelmed with failure.

I also spoke to a cyber friend and she suggested that I was 'living in the moment' and experiencing intense feelings that would pass. (much like those urges that I feel right before a binge, those urges...if ignored, do pass and do seem to lose power)

And those intense feelings did i feel much better.But what happens tomorrow or next month when those feelings come back? Can I let them pass again ( im guessing I will since I don't really have a choice, LOL) And the question still I need a therapist.
Oh, who knows? Meanwhile I have this blog that helps get all the 'blahs' out of me!

I think whats going on with me is im not sure how to eat normally, without dieting. I have proven to myself over and over again that i know how to lose weight and I obviously know how to gain weight but there is that balance in-between that i struggle with. Its either all or nothing for me when its pertaining to food.

And I seem to obsess over it....another reason for a therapist -LMAO

ETA-Reading over yesterday's comments and I wanted to thank you for posting them :)

Ms. PJ, wanted to thank you for your suggestion on the over eaters meetings...i found one close by and I think im going to give them a try first.

Today is CLX Lean circuit 3 and I will walk the dog as soon as I eat my breakfast. The kids are starting there last week of school and im thankful for that. No more early mornings (unless im on donut duty) for me for a while :) Yay...

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