Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One day in the books

Yesterday was a good day! I was on track for the first time in a VERY, LONG, TIME and i can't even begin to explain how good I feel this morning :)

I brought a lean cuisine pizza and salad for lunch and TBH i was still hungry after that. But i knew I didn't have the calories to eat anything -so I filled up on water. After work i did break one of my 'rules' and ate about 200 calories but in my defense, i don't think anyone has to go to bed hungry.....I never have in my entire weight loss journey. So the day ended around 1700...thats very good considering I got in a 50min power walk and I was on my feet at work for 8hrs.

******CHEERS***** Here's To Another Good Day *********

My son's b-day is today so i ordered him a cake. I don't plan on having any...
one of these is my son....can you tell which one?

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