Friday, May 20, 2011


The scale has me frustrated. I wish I had the courage to either take a sledge hammer to it or to just put it up for a month. Another thing that has me frustrated is my Mother-n-Law is here this morning. Her health has plummeted since last nonmember and she needs 24/7 care now. Her sister was the one watching her most of the time but there arguing right she is here. And my MIL and me have never really got along that great so its hard to have her here...but I didn't say anything to my husband when he asked. How can I?

I've been doing very well for the past few days with my eating but the scale showed I was up 3lbs this morning, WTH? Whatever!  I'm not going to let my weight this morning distract me. I plan on measuring tomorrow so that # is more important that what any scale can say to me. I've been repeating in my head what my sister told me the other day "Food will always be there, anything you crave isn't going anywhere, take care of yourself right now' And it seems to be working :)

I started reading a book Kay Sheppared called "Food Addiction, the body knows" So far its pretty good. Im only in the first chapter but its very interesting to learn how the body reacts to different foods.

I still plan on going to a therapist after things calm down around here. And I plan on going to that OA meeting if I'm able to on Tuesdays. I will continue to keep you guys updated on that...

Anyways...thats my update. :)

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  1. Oooh, hang in there, mama! I'm sorry things are kind of sucky right now. :( The MIL situatuion definitely sounds tough. Don't stress to much over the scale right now; just keep making your healthy decisions and doing what's good for your body. BIG HUGS!!!

    I totally agree with your sister's advice, although I wish I could think that way when I impulsively eat.

    That book sounds really good, and I may have to borrow it from the library this summer! Let me know how you like it, and please share any other good titles!

    Again, hang in there. :)


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