Sunday, May 08, 2011

Feeling Alot Better

Its amazing how much of a relief can come when, for us women, we see our montly visotor visit. I'm not talking about  a chance at being pregnant...I'm talking about it being here then LEAVING. For the past two months ive kept a log of my 'feelings and emotions'. And it seem the first week of every month I turn into this completely evil witch!!!

Then as fast as it goes when I start my cycle.

On the agenda today: Chalean - lean circuit 1 and if im feeling up to it some cardio after.

AND today is also another start on logging my food. My new shiny PURPLE notebook is already for me to log my breakfast ....have a great day and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY


  1. Your PMS symptoms sound AWFUL!!!! I just read in your last post that you're going to mention them to your doctor. I hope he can help. :) I'm relieved when my period arrives because I'm super worried that one day my period will start when I'm out in public without any supplies. Thank goodness it always starts first thing in the morning!

    I hope your workout was awesome! Enjoy your new notebook. New tools are the best!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hope you enjoyed Mothers Day and that you are feeling better today!


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