Friday, May 27, 2011

Failed Again

Yesterday my eating was beautiful - measured everything, logged everything and was NEVER hungry. It was about 1 hour after supper and all these mixed emotions started hitting me. I was thinking about how tired I was from the days workouts, how i get frustrated because I feel sometimes I have to be super women to get everything done around here, how -all though i don't mind if my mother-n-law stays here during the day- it still strips me of my privacy (she's disabled and recently fell into our hands during the week from 6am to around 4:30pm). I just felt overwhelmed, sad, angry, anxious and that chocolate chip ice-cream in the freezer sounded awful good at the moment. So I ate what was left, about a cup + i ate what was left of the fudge, half a jar. I then went on my food log and discovered it was only 435 calories over my daily limit so i then allowed myself to EAT MORE. My favorite show was on so i indulged in bag of baked dorito's without measuring them :O , ate the rest of my dark chocolate bar, ate a bowl of cereal -then i felt sick.

This is how I handle my emotions :( i stuff food down my throat, food I didn't need or want to begin with.

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