Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day #6 And I Don't Care!

I don't believe the scale this morning...He's LYING!!! 170.2. WTH is up with THAT #?  I've been doing great the past 6 days on my diet, and i have been getting in all my workouts. Eating pretty clean and not to mention all the running around at work...its not going to discourage me.

I haven't weighed in weeks and its so nice to not let that heartless machine get to me anymore. I admit i was stunned to see that #, but then i looked up in the bathroom full length mirror and said "Where? Where is that 5lbs at? I don't see it? My jeans don't fit any different? I don't feel bloated?" so...I don't care.

On donut duty again this morning and I need to get off here so I can make me some breakfast. Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. You are doing SO great, don't let that bugger get to you!!!! Maybe you need to drink some more water to flush your system?? That usually works for me when the scale is being a bitch ;)


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