Monday, May 30, 2011

Day #4 and Its too Damn Early!

Good Morning, its time to make the donuts! I would insert a picture of that dunkin donut guy but I can't find a decent one...
beside, I don't work for dunkin donuts....

I went to bed around 7:30....took two Melatonin about that time and STILL no sleep last night. I hate nights like that when I just lay there and try to go to sleep.....damn donuts.  I drank a bud light at 11:30 and that didn't help...just added to my calories.

The good news is I will be off at 11 am.

I'm guzzling coffee at the moment, trying to get geared up for the craziness that lays before me.

So, anyways....thats all thats happening today, besides sticking to my calories. This is the longest I have stuck to them in a very long time. I usually fold on the third day...

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  1. Try to have a good day, Amelia. I hope you get some rest soon. I'm glad I don't have to work around donuts. My diet would be toast.


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