Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day #3 & Staying Focused!

Woke up feeling good again. I'm starting to notice that I haven't had sugar in two days (massive amounts that is, no junk) and my carbs have all been complex. Once i get that crap out of my system i feel so much better. I plan on eating something with the family on Wednesday, but i don't want to go into a sugar/carb it will have to be planned to a T!

Remember me saying I may get more hours in the produce department? (work in a bakery at a grocery store if your new to my blog) Well I don't have to go anywhere anymore, the store's manager told me yesterday that someone in the bakery department is QUITTING!!! I should get more hours now. The person is full time too, so everyone will benefit. I actually hate to see this person go, I enjoy talking to them....but oh well.

I had to make chocolate creme cakes yesterday and YEAH they smelled good and YEAH I was drooling over the chocolate goo that goes on top but I never had any urge to slice me off a piece. The donut case smelt amazing when I opened it and nope...still no urge to 'sneak' a bite out of one because in my mind "they will always be there". And YEP, i was knocked out of reality by the breeze of sugar when I opened up the frosting buckets to make cupcakes...but didn't want any of that crap in my system....they will always be there too.

Yesterday was GREAT! Stayed focused and planned ahead...brought me some diet cocoa to work and it hit the spot after my lunch break :) 

Today's workout is ChaLean Burn Intervals...i have a love/hate relationship with this workout. Every single time I do it my ass is handed to me....but I feel so powerful after....

I did end up doing a little snacking last night, ate some turkey deli meat and two slices of cheese totaling about 160 more my total for yesterday was around 1680. But if you include my workout and the fact that i was 'speed walking' at my job to get everything done i probably was close to 1500 so Im going to let it go and not beat myself up about .  I mean seriously, its a HUGE accomplishment for me to be sticking to a diet plan at this point. Im doing GREAT! 

yogurt parfait
Above is a new snack (for me) that I fell in love with. Its around 200 calores. Vanilla yogurt, strawberries & apples topped with some walnuts. SO GOOD and filling.

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