Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crawling Through the Day

Just finished Cathe's 4DS Low Impact Step + Core. I was tired before i started but now i feel...less tired...

Eating going well so far. I have my food logged in - Im drinking a ton of water today too.

My journey has slowed down to a crawl here lately, just no motivation to eat healthy. A few years ago this would have been a breeze, it was such a habit back then that i didn't think nothing of it. Now its one of the hardest things I've had to do. Right now im focusing on one day. Just ONE DAY of eating healthy...i will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

I've got to stay positive and block out all those negative thoughts. I've got to think of my good its going to feel when I slide on those smaller jeans...

Porkchops, green beans and a baked potato is on the menu for supper. I will also have a v8 since I've only had one veggie today...then baked dorito's for a snack later.

Until tomorrow :)

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