Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Casey Was Her Name...

SO MAD.....

Were going on a short get-a-way trip this weekend right... so, i made reservations at a hotel last Thursday and  shortly after that I canceled them because my mom suggested a better hotel that was a little cheaper. Well, the reservations required a 72 hour cancellations which is today. I canceled the FIRST TIME Friday, the lady didn't give me a cancellation # and I thought that was I called today to confirm my cancellation...and guess what? IT WASN'T CANCELED.  I was FURIOUS!!!  I talked to the manager and of course he apologized over and over again but that still doesn't change the fact that my card would have been charged if I didn't check the cancellation.  He canceled it for me and gave me a code and assured me that my card wouldn't get charged! I told him the name of the lady that told me it was canceled, Casey. ( I always right down names,lol)

...OH MY GOSH......Breath Amy

ok, busy day today. Dentist appointment for me because a tooth was throbbing yesterday and today it seems to be fine but im still going.
I have to get a tire for the car and get groceries then work later....

Breath Amy

No workout today. Yesterdays workout was pretty good. CLX Lean circuit 3 + about 20mins of step aerobics. My food yesterday was good. I ended the day at around 1800, that # plus the # of calories I burned should put me at a nice Deficit for the day :)

I discovered over the last couple of weeks that i have to have that control with counting calories. If I don't know how many calories i had ...i suddenly weigh about 10lbs heavier, in my mind :/ . Maybe OEA or the therapist I plan on seeing can help with that problem...Yikes.....

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  1. hey, enjoy your time away. I just started seeing a new dietician with a speciality in eating disorder. You don't have to have an eating disorder to see someone like this. she was a breath of fresh air with her approach . it made me see how much i try to control through food and how black and white i've cornered my food thinking and behavior. the smartest thing she said was that for every restrictive diet period I go through as in 1200-1400 a day there is an equal rebound period where I'l over indulge / binge even on the rebound. We are looking for the healthy middle..the balance. Still trying to figure this out, but thought that might help


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