Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Reality

We went on a little get-a-way for a night down on Tybee Island was so much fun. DH and I we're ready to come home the next day though, LOL. Here is a pic of us on the beach.
Tybee Island, Ga

I think the kids enjoyed the pool at the hotel more than they did the ocean. It is such a beautiful place, we kept repeating how we would love to live there one day. Maybe...

So, yesterday I got in a 30min run on the treadmill with a 5min warmup & 5min cool down totaling 40mins. Today was CLX lean circuit 2 (4th week) I honestly can't wait until these workouts are over, im so sick of doing them :/ - im not trying to be negative about them, Chalene is wonderful and the workouts are really good. The concept behind the CLX series does just SO BORED with them. I'm used to doing what I want to do and not following any kind of rotation.


I'm also trying to change my mind set on food right now, trying to not run to food with every emotion i have. Its still hard but every time I say "no" to the craving or the urge...i feel that much more stronger. Every day there is going to be something that I'm craving so im trying to stay in that mind set of "its always going to be there"....

Here is another pic of what I made for supper, well what DH and I made. Its Salmon burgers with seasoned vegatables and red beans and rice. It was delicious!!
420 total calories
Don't the veggies look good? There green giant antioxident something another and cooked in olive oil and a light butter sauce. They were delish. And the rice and bean were just zantara's box mix. The salmon burger is by trident seafood. There so good on a sandwich too and have 19g of good for you :)

And finally - the best for last ;-)

Chocolate Dream Pie
The pie is about 280 calories a not exactly light. But if I made it with skim milk and sugar free pudding mix it would reduce the calories a lot. I didn't have any...well, a bite of daughters, LOL.


  1. Boy this sounds familiar.. We got married on the beach near the lighthouse at Tybee and vacation there often. We take our bikes and ride around. Makes the island more personal. And we always say we want to move there too.
    And on our recent vacation , we went to hilton head and came back after only 1 night..

    take care..don't weigh yourself everyday:) especially after vacation

  2. Hey PJ...we saw a lot of people riding bikes on the island, it looked really fun. Maybe next time we will. And thanks...I've put the scale up until the the first of every month.


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