Monday, May 02, 2011

Amy vs Food

I've been thinking alot lately about my goals and why I want to reach them. I'm sick and tired of coming on here and announcing a new challenge then falling apart a few days later. Im driving myself crazy over this bullshit! I'm making this whole eating thing alot harder then it really is. The things that I'm eating will ALWAYS be there...i can enjoy them when i reach goal. Right? Its that simple....That is what im going to tell myself when i find my focus fading.

from Wikipedia

Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-targeted objectives. 

My goals haven't been realistic!! I haven't really set any time to obtain them!!  That's why i haven't been attaining them, I'm a working mother of two who has a passion for her workouts and I'm trying to diet, not to mention all the other BS i have to deal, bills and stress at work. No wonder I'm falling apart every few days with my diet.  My goal isn't realistic!! I BET if i raised my calorie limit to something more sensible ( and yes, going back to counting calories) i would start losing weight again...true, it may not be a lb a week but who gives a shit? I will be losing instead of this back and forth maddening battle of power in my head. ( food vs Amy) In case your wondering who the hell Amy is...its me :P my nick name is Amy.

So today my fight with food begins. And you guys have seen my kickbox video right? I will win this fight, hehe or punch myself in the eye trying :P

Today is Day #1 
My weight was 169.8 (gulp) 
My goal is 150lbs. 

I want to reach this goal by the first day of Fall (thats reasonable for me) I'm using as a food logging diary and I plan on eating my exercise calories IF I NEED THEM. And...and this will be the hardest part for not eating after supper.  I've did it before and by GEORGE, I can do it again :)  

Update: Just got through walking the dog for 49mins out in this GAWGEOUS weather. I need my touch of sun for the day :)

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