Monday, April 18, 2011


My brother, who is also my babysitter is showing is ass! First off, he agreed to watch the kids for me when I started working ( or i wouldn't have took the job) for free. He said he wanted to spend more time with them. Well, recently I offered him some $ every time he came over because of his tone after I told him my schedule (he was watching the kids 3 days in one week when usually its like one or two)...he said ok, that will work. Well now he is asking for twice the amount I offered and im highly pissed.

My brother doesn't work, lives at home with my dad. He doesn't have a car, therefore we are his transportation when he babysits (sometimes my dad will pick him up ) and you guys know how much gasoline is!!! And also, and I almost don't want to complain about this but, the boy can eat! I mean REALLY eat.

I just can't believe he's being like this?

Anyways...guess will figure it out somehow, we always do. Im just kinda freak out right now because I like my job so much and I don't want to lose it over child care :(


  1. Amelia - I can understand why you're so upset! I think because he is your brother it makes it even more difficult. Perhaps you can tell him that although you really appreciate him taking care of your kids so that you can work at the bakery you can only afford to give him x amount of money for babysitting. You totally understand if that x amount of money is not enough for him, but it is all you can affod. If he no longer wants to help you out for that amount then you will look at other options. Most likely he will feel like an ass for demanding more than you can afford and drop it....hopefully. :)

  2. Thanks Karen - i actually asked my other brother if he could help and he agreed on my price. LOL, my mom made me feel better too saying she could help out on Friday + Saturdays.

    I feel kinda silly now, blowing up about it, but it made me so mad yesterday.
    I hope your doing well girl!!


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