Saturday, April 16, 2011

Up To Me & Caught on video!

I have a video of me working out on Tuesday lower in this post!

Up To Me
Guys, Ive reached bottom with my weight loss. This morning i had a ah-ha moment. The scale read 172.6 - sigh- That's 7lbs up from my lowest :(  There are a few things going on in my life and I seem to keep turning to food for satisfaction. Its such a crazy road to travel when your a food addict. The ups and downs, hills and mountains. I'm traveling up a hill right now, and I've reached the top. Now, it could easily turn into a mountain if I don't get a handle of things.

No more battling with myself for now, im exhausted! Its all so exhausting. But I've got to turn this around....and im the only person that can do it. It's 110% up to me. If there's one thing I've learn in this losing-weight-journey, its THAT!!!!  No matter how many inspiring blogs i read, good diet books i purchase, or endless hours of exercise I achieve...what it all boils down to  is ME. I HAVE TO DO THIS!  Nobody can lose my weight but me.

Today is a workout then work, first i have to clean up this damn dirty kitchen (the same one I cleaned up yesterday,blah)

April 15, 2011 (Friday)Caught on Video!

So far this week i have been on track one day! stinking, solitary day of good eating and working out. blah!  Wanna know what I've been doing for the rest of the time?  Eating, laying in the sun & watching old Sex And The City episodes...yeah, I've been very busy....

This video shows me doing Cathe Friedrichs 4-day split series; kick box premix. Please be kind people with your takes a great deal of courage for me to blast my jiggly butt all over!  My husband was secretly video taping me and honestly i don't mind showing it to ya'll. Yeah, I'm jiggling with every punch and I personally seem to focus on my big belly , but on the other hand, all that jiggle has a lot to do with the loose skin from losing 112lbs (thought I'd throw that in there) and that belly is what im trying to get rid of, among other things :o

I also did chalean extreme right before the kick box, then some abb work after. This was on Tuesday (i think) i had under 1600 calories that day...but i got up Wednesday and said efff it, again ***eye roll***

I think its time to pull up my big girl pants and start taking better care of myself...its hard, but I know I can do it. I have to fully commit and no more have ass stuff.


  1. lmao at the look on my face right before i go into jumping jacks. Its like 'damn,im tired' HAHA!

  2. I'm glad I came across your profile on MFP...I will be following your blog here!!!

  3. Hey there Amanda!!! Glad to see you on here :) We can definitely support each other on both sites!!!

  4. your form is so awesome!! i wouldnt want to face you in a fight! :-/

  5. Thanks Melissa. And putting up my dukes in a boxing ring is just hilarious! I would burn a lot of calories when i turn around to run... :P


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