Friday, April 08, 2011


Im so excited - and I just can't hide it :)

DH bought tickets for us to see the Atlanta Braves play the Phillies on Sunday. Just the two of us, the kids will visit with there mawmaw. And he took a vacation day that means we have the whole weekend together. So happy about that. This is something new for us...we never get to enjoy the weekends together since we both work them normally.

Scale was at 167.2 this morning. I wish i could see 165 again, just so I know I haven't done any damage. My eating has been around maintenance the last week. Just trying to keep my sanity here :/
I will get back to the diet grind when I feel mentally strong enough. I'm still adjusting to my new job right now along with all my home chores and workouts. There are days when i get so frustrated i could just scream. Its hard trying to juggle everything AND be on a diet. I've gotta take it slow here.

Im finding it more and more difficult to work around all the food at work. I find myself wanting to 'taste' everything...lately I have been taking a bite here and there. Its just hard to say no. I hate being so strict on myself too so i figure why not take a bite and get that craving out of the way. I know all too well that a bite isn't going to hurt me. And I take very small bites guys...

oh and its April 8th and my TOTM still hasn't started. I know I can't get pregnate because i had a tubal ligation after the emergency C-section with my son. I wish i could remember my last cycle? It was last month..just can't remember the day...LOL. I don't don't why but its always a huge relief when i get my period...

Today is CLX push circuit 1 followed by some Cathe Friedrich 4ds low impact step. I need another stress reliever. Yesterday I did bodymax 2 timesaver cardio and anyone who knows Cathe workouts, know its a very intense workout. I had a good sweatfest yesterday :D
Have a great weekend :)

 Update: Workout done as planned. Burned 450 calories in 70mins :D

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