Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Gym Experience :)

So I got my schedule for this work week and I don't work until Saturday.. :( , im so bored. Guess I will have to find something to clean or organize. I know I will lay in the sun and get in my workouts. I'm only working three days this week...that kinda sucks. I just hope she doesn't make a habit out of it. I was suppose to work today but they called back and said that they had a change in the schedule. Its mandatory for the assistant manager to close one night a week. But did she had to take my night? :(

Anyways. I just logged in my PMS diary (sorry fellas). I started monday night, thank goodness. And my crazy major mood swing symptoms were exactly a week before so i will bring it up to my female doc the next time i go...which will be soon because my yearly is due. arg...the awful ' paper gown appointment '...ugh.

So I met my mom at her gym yesterday. I've been working out at home for the past 6 years and have never stepped one foot into the gym.

At first i was intimidated because there was nothing but men there, pumping iron and grunting. But after a few minutes i forgot about them and just worked out. I did 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, 10 minutes on the elliptical then 10 minutes on the spin bike. My legs were spent after that. I had the level's up so i could feel them.  I REALLY wanted to try out the weight machines but im doing chalean today and I need to stay committed to her. It was fun seeing my mom though...i may get a membership there...maybe. And I have to was fun showing off my skills too, teehee.  I saw a women in there doing the elliptical that looked in better shape than me but she was struggling on that thing. I was running circles around her! Part of me wanted to jump off my machine and help coach her on her's :/. I mean hey, im no expert but when your working out and talking on your cell phone something is wrong?


Today will be some Chalean, think im on push circut 2 (third week of it) then some cardio. I may do burn intervals just because i feel like kicking a little @ss ;-)

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