Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Want To Be Carrie Bradshaw!!

I have been watching  the Sex And The City series for the past 3 weeks now and wow, just love it so much. I purchased the series box set a few years ago and have watched the whole thing through about 4times already. What a great show!! I love Sarah Jessica Parker so much, she plays the part of Carrie perfect. I always notice what she's wearing...so stylish. And the way she's always cracking a joke with her witty comebacks...love it! Sometimes, even if its just for a moment, and so what if she is just a character in a TV series, I would love to be blasted away from my boring reality and enter her fabulous world :)

Anyways...so went to work this morning. Came home, got ChaLean's Push Circuit 1 in, then some laundry and sun bathing. Now im waiting on my little munchkins to get home and I will be busy once again :)

I 've been doing very good with my eating since Saturday, that's a major accomplishment for me. lately, i have really struggled with eating. This morning the scale read 167.2, so I've lost most of the water weight. Just two more lbs to flush out and I can work on my lowest weight again.

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