Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Challenge Myself

I've only been up for 15mins and i have already had to break up two arguments between the kids. Now there in their bedrooms...sigh. I hope the day doesn't keep going like this :(

Anyways, I came on here to post a new challenge, and here it is *ahem*

For the Next Two Days I Challenge Myself to NOT Eat at Night!

No eating after 8pm. I will allow a 100 calorie snack at 8 but then that's it!  Its time to break this sabotaging habit and you know what they say ~ Practice makes perfect ~

Also, Monday I plan on really getting back on track with my eating. I've been doing this back-an-forth dance for too long and its making me INSANE. Through the weekend i'm still going to watch what I eat but I need a break from the calorie counting on Myfitnesspal. So no logging in there until Monday. Tomorrow's going to be a little tricky because we have Easter family gathering with a lot of food but i know what not to eat ;-)

-----------Moving On---------
Yesterday I got in an awesome workout, did Cathe's 4ds/HIS then CLX Push circuit 2. I will be so glad when im done with the CLX series, honestly - im getting sick of doing the same workout's over and over again :( . I do like Chalene, its nothing personal to her...I just like Cathe more. But im too stuborn to stop the series so i will just finish it. There is one more month left after this week then I'm done with it. Then I'm selling it, LOL.

No workout for me today, I've got a busy day ahead with the kids school easter thing then work, so...time to go get ready. Have a WONDERFUL EASTER everyone :) I will be back on Monday ready to start my new challenge :)

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