Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Happy Update :)

pic of our hike at sweet water park

Just wanted to come on here and say I was doing better. I started feeling better on Monday and by Tuesday I was back to my normal, chipper self.  I started a log on how I feel everyday. I call it my " PMS Diary" (lol) because i believe its hormonal.  I may share it with you all one day but as of right now its private. I was reading about the symptoms of pms and keeping a daily log was one suggestion to see if there is a pattern at all.

anyways. I started thinking about something a friend told me, about my binges. Even though binging, for me, only happens when im in a very bad emotional place (for the most part anyway) something in my head clicked when she said  that her nutrionist suggested "one cause for a binge is when were too strict on ourselves" That kept repeating in my mind that last few days. I started thinking about all my religious acts when I do eat.  I automaticly pull out my scale + measuring cups everytime I eat - its habit now. Do I really need to? After years of doing it, im sure i can eye ball portions now. I also noticed that I beat myself up too much. Its true, I pick at everything I do in life, not just eating. Like.." my legs aren't normal looking so i can't wear shorts" or " there is so much loose skin, i will never be able to wear a bathing suit out in public' "  And its not just my body image either, its my house chores, my cooking...if it isn't all perfect, i feel really bad about it. Why do i have to be perfect all the time? Life isn't perfect...i shouldn't expect it out of myself.

I've got to remember to tune out that little negative voice in my head too. Chalene talks about this in her motivational CD. Its one of the things you must do before starting any reach any goal, you must  believe that you can do it. And if your constantly putting yourself down, of course your going to give up. You have to believe that the goal is reachable.

anyways...enough of the serious talk :P !!!!!

So I've been doing great with my workouts, on target with CLX. Just completed my second week yesterday in the push phase. I love lifting the heavier weights but the only complaint that I have is the low calorie burns? 89 calories burned yesterday while doing 35mins of strength training. That's just not high enough for me.

I'm taking a rest day today simple because i was extremely tired yesterday...out of ordinary tired. I do have to work later so i will get in a lot of walking around then.

My weight has been hovering between 167-168...not bad considering the amount of food that I ate over the weekends binge eating. And ive been lifting heavy weights lately, I'm close to starting my period so im not going to obsess over those #'s.  I'm actually considering taking a few weeks off from counting calories and seeing if i can eat normal - without calculating the calories/logging. I long as i don't eat fast food (you know how quickly the calories can add up there) and as long as i don't eat more than a portion of any food, i should be ok! Still debating on it.....

anyways, i leave you with some pics of our hike on Monday.

this snake scared the crap out of all of us. Thankfully it wasn't a poisonous snake..looks like a king snake?

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