Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cookies and Celery Sticks

So yesterday was good. Got in right under 1600 total calories. That #  plus the workout should put me at a nice deficit for yesterday.  I did Chalean's Burn Intervals. Didn't want to ::::: But got it in :)

Now my focus is on today. I just came back from reading Jack Shit getting fits blog and he had a great reminder about forming habits. I've got to form those good habits again and all this won't seem so hard...

Yesterday was a busy day at work. Had to make cookies and more cookies. It was Saturday so we were busy with customers. I did have an interesting conversation with one customer in particular. He said he was going on a crash diet Monday : three small meals and celery + carrots as snacks in between. I didn't want to discourage him so I was really encouraging. But if i put myself on just celery & carrots as snacks I would go out and strangle every rabbit in sight! I wished him the best and told him to come back so I could see his progress. His inspiration was a friend that lost a great deal of weight on the same diet. Hopefully i will see him smaller form of course.

Today my plan is to first get off this darn computer, then get in some cathe step, then its work. My DH is home tonight so i get to see him when i get home :)

p.s : I forgot to post my weight for the day. 169.6 That's 3lbs of water weight gone. Hopefully i don't find it again ;-)

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