Sunday, March 13, 2011

What This Blog Is For...

I miss my husband, im sick of being on a diet, im sick of my house being a mess and I'm sick of this damn cold.

For the past 7days I have been battling this mega cold that is has been lingering and pissing me off. This morning I woke up to a dry throat and mouth...I HATE that! I hate waking up like that.

My house needs a good cleaning and I had every intention on cleaning it yesterday but couldn't because I had company ( not complaining about the company, mind you, just didn't get a chance to clean) And today i have to work all damn day.

Took the kids to burger king yesterday and while they were enjoying their chicken nuggets and fries and my company was eating cheeseburgers and those delicious onion rings, there i was sipping on a diet coke...yep, it was irritating.

My youngest, who will soon be 6, decided to be a crybaby yesterday and when he's like that my nerves get shot realllllllly quick. He showed his butt in walmart and in the parking lot and when we got home. I had to spank him and i hate spanking my kids.... legs are so sore this morning from yesterdays workout. Did CLX Burn Circuit im walking all funny and it hurts when I sit down. :(

And while I'm grateful for my job and my husbands job, I wish our schedules weren't so crazy. I hardly ever get to see him when were both working. It really sucks not seeing my best friend :(  He's asleep right now, just getting off from his 12hour shift, my shift starts in two hours....i won't be home until 9pm tonight.

oh well, at least im off tomorrow but im sure my hubby will have to go sit with his mom who needs 24/7 care and Monday's its his day to sit with her....

sorry to bitch and complain but after all - its what I made this blog for


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well, Amelia. I hope you are better soon and that you get everything done that you plan to do. :)

  2. Bitch away - you're right, it's exactly what a blog is for. I'm sorry you've got all this going on!!! My lingering cold just finally let up - hopefully yours will today!


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