Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time To Challenge Myself!

Its the first day of spring folks, yippeee. Summer is almost here...mmmm, I can smell the chlorine from my pool already :D.

Three months before the official first day of Summer and in three months I could quite possible be in the lower 150's .... yep, I said it. The lower 150's!!!!!  Just gotta set my mind to it again. That's the hardest part in any diet plan.

I admit, haven't been very consistent for about 2 weeks now. I've been battling a fierce cold. Since seeing a doctor a few days ago I'm  finally feeling better, but meanwhile I've allowed bad habits to creep back in. What bad habits you ask? (teehee)

My Bad Habits are:
1) Spontaneous eating  : hello, work in a bakery!! There is always something cooking, cooling or being packaged. There is also those unplanned spontaneous out-to-eat-suppers when my DH is home. Suppers That I instigate ;-)
  2) Night time Eating : love to eat and watch tv at night. The kids are alseep and its so quiet. The perfect environment for night time munchies...

3) Excuses to not workout : I love working out, but once i miss a few days I start forgetting what it feels like and consider them a hassle.

So...its time to NIP THEM IN THE Deputy Barney Fife would say from The Andy Griffith Show. NIP IT!!!!

Today I plan on doing Burn Circuit 2 then I have to work later.

Update: Burn Circuit 2 in the books. Im sweating and feeling ggggggggggreat! 


  1. summer coming is scaring the crap outta me!! i have fallen off the wagon...big time! i need to be motivated!!!! i have been mindlessly munching too, esp at night, and it needs to stop! how do you do it?

  2. The only thing that works for me is to be completely committed. I know...sounds simple, but i have to keep reminding myself the reason on dieting; to reach my goal.

    Reading at night helps, if I have to snack i will snack on sugar free jello or gum, water helps too. But if im hungry (stomach growling) i will eat a little something then turn off the lights in the kitchen. Something about the lights being off is a signal in my brain that the kitchen is closed for the day...i know, I'm a weirdo LOL

  3. Great job working out! Your workouts kick butt, mama. The LOWER 150s? I have faith in you. Keep up the hard work!!! #2 is a big problem for me, too.


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