Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Update

Its 7:07 in the morning, I just put the kids on the bus and I have nothing I've got to do today besides house chores. There is a sale going on at one of my favorite consignment stores  a 50% of sale, so I will be going to that in a few hours.
Today is a rest day and I don't go back to work until like I said. Got nothing going on...

Yesterday I did Push Circuit 3 + a 30min run interval. Burned right at 400 calories. I really love the push phase in CLX but I don't get a good sweat with it. I don't burn a lot of calories with them either, so I may add-on a cardio if im feeling good. I just love sweating...its such a nice release.  I ended my calories right at 1580.

I peeked at the scale this morning and the water weight from Tuesdays meal isn't going that tells me  my monthly cycle is very close. It may be a couple of weeks before I see another loss...ugh, stinking TOM.

Work's schedule this week is interesting. My work week ends on a Tuesday, that's when the manager makes up a new weeks schedule. I called Tuesday to get my schedule and i work Saturday - Tuesday. And guess what I have to do on Monday? DONUTS BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME :/ , That's already going over the procedures in my head.  Making donuts isn't rocket science, anyone can do it I'm sure - I just have to get them all done by 7am...without burning them,lol. I go in at 4am (another reason why I don't like doing donuts).  Im pretty sure I will be a running-around-lunatic for most of the morning Monday :/

anyways...i will go in Monday and life will go on - like I said - the worst that can happen is I burn the damn donuts and have to proof as long as I don't do that, all is good,lol. Life's to short to worry about it ;-)

--I was reading my blog before my post and read some of my first postings--pretty interesting to read what was going on in my life back then--so glad I started this blog, its a reminder to not bitch and complain about things that really don't matter a whole hell of a lot in the grand scheme of things --

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