Friday, March 04, 2011

Pacing Panther Inside Me

I've got this growing feeling inside me this morning. Its a very ill feeling...ok, bitchy feeling. I made donuts and cookies yesterday at work and couldn't have any then I came home to a dirty kitchen last night. I'm sure those are the culprits to this pacing panther inside me. Im hoping to unleash it today with my workout.

Im in the third week of ChaLean. I like it pretty much, Chalene herself can get a little chatty at time and be too chipper with her advice which can be annoying when your lifting heavy weight, but i try to tune her out; It works sometimes. My workout today is burn circuit 2. I purchased 1/20lb dumbbell last week and I plan on getting another one with my next paycheck :), then I will start buying 25's....

This morning im at 170.2, its only the second day of 'my week' and that # is very exciting to see. Im hoping, for the first time to see a 168 this Tuesday(my new weigh in day)....oh a happy dancing I will a be!! 

anyways...there's my update. 

UPDATE: so i stepped on the scale this morning 'just to see' and i saw 168.8 for the first time EVER! I'm going to keep going because I've found the right combination that suits my body. I know its my job, so physically demanding...I feel so blessed to have it :)

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