Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Body Is Tired.....

....But my mind is screaming don't stop!

I just got off the dreaded early morning shift at my job. Today it was 4-11. Im exhausted, but I know what I have to do, i have to workout. Next comes laundry, then my kids will be home from school and they take up the rest of my day.

Balancing life is so hard right now. I don't want to workout, I need to so I will make myself get dressed and start the workout. My body wants junk food but not my, it wants to do the right thing.

The past two days have been pretty tough, my last post tells you why. I'm doing some training at work and it requires that I come in very early in the morning. I had to make myself go to sleep last night and it sucked. My husband was home and i couldn't hang out with him in the living room and that sucked. I didn't get to see my kids get on the shool bus this morning and that sucked!

So today I told my boss that I don't mind helping out in the mornings but only if Im needed. I hinted around to maybe one or two days a month....not week. She was nice about it and she explained that everyone will learn everything there. And agreed with me, only If im needed. So that was a relief....hopefully Its what will happen. off to get my workout started. Today Im doing Chalean Extreme Burn Phase : Burn circuit 3. Its the last burn circuit in the burn phase...yay. I will start the push phase next.

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  1. Good luck with the workout. You are much stronger than me to be able to get that done when you are so tired. I have problems doing anything when I'm tired and lethargic.


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