Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kick My @ss why dont'cha?

 Just finished CLX burn Intervals and I gotta tell ya..it kicked my ass!!!! I really, REALLY don't like those sumo burpee's , there so harsh. My goodness, after ten of them IM DONE, TOAST! And I have to do ten frickin more? 

This pic is of me during the last weight segment, squats. Notice the tiny 5lbs dum bells in my hand,LOL. Burn intervals focuses on muscle endurance so the weights are light...now I like that.

Burned 380 calories in 43minutes. Not too shabby

My weigh in was as expected...166 this morning, so I logged yesterdays weight which was 165.4. Thats a .4 lb loss, teehee.

Thanks Ladies on the suggestions on my hair loss. I forgot to mention on my last post that I take a hair, skin and nail vitamin everyday. I use to take biochemist along with it until I ran out, need to buy some more of it. I've never thought about Castor oil...will have to look into that :)

ok...off for a shower. Have a great day my fellow bloggers :)

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