Friday, March 18, 2011

Have You Seen My Wagon? :/

I was just riding it?  Ahh, it was such a beautiful, shiny wagon. Anyhoo...I'm gonna wait here until it shows up again....its gotta show up again, right?

Meanwhile its 10:36 am and I've already had close to 800 calories.
C *R*A*P  spells crap...crapolla, crappity crap, crappizzle, sir craps alot,....

Where is my willpower? Thats what I should be looking for. hehehe  . Im not going to worry about it. Im a human being and im going through emotions right now so im gonna roll with it. The rest of the day I will have to keep my eating in check though...after all, I don't want to undo what ive worked hard todo all this time.

Im feeling like a weight lifting session is appropriate today :D . I dusted off my Chalean log and noticed I'm missing the last week in the burn phase. ugh...MUST I ? Guess I today will be burn circuit 1 and I may go ahead and do a cardio with it....maybe I can burn off those pancakes and mini moon pies I inhaled this morning :P

Anyways....Its a beautiful day here in the lovely state of Georgia. Its going to be close to 80 degree's with clear skies. Im feeling better too...the steroid shot and antibiotics and that awful cough syrup seems to be doing the trick...

......later gators....

UPDATE: Just finished the following workout:  
CLX- Burn Circuit 1
Cathe Friedrich's Kick Punch Crunch- punch & kick combo 1
35min dog walk at a very fast pace
Burned a total of 550 calories :) 

.....Rock On.....


  1. Amelia - Don't get discouraged! I don't know about you, but I've noticed that my "willpower" seems to come and go as the weeks change throughout the month. Just know that it is going to do that (ttotm will alter it, etc.) Just don't beat yourself up for it. You know where the wagon is and you will hitch a ride again very soon! :)

  2. I wish I was as motivated as you to work out. I haven't done much of anything lately. I must have workout burnout or something.


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