Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Down This Morning...

 I'm suffering from a guilty conscious this morning. Yesterday my eating was a disaster and today I am not feeling to proud of it. At least i did a great job Monday....

Went to a doctor yesterday and I have an upper respiratory infection. I was prescribed a steroid shot, some antibiotics + cough syrup. She also told me to take it easy the next few days with my workouts...which sucks big time because i feel i have already been slacking with them :( get me out of this poor me mood I'm going to first finish my chores from yesterday ( fold laundry + clean up the kitchen) then I will walk the dog for 30minutes. I have to work later this afternoon so im sure that will help snap me out of it too...

Im also feeling down because my mom called me last night and basically broke down on the phone. Her and dad separated over a year ago and she's having a hard time, financially, making ends meet. I wish i could help her more....I wish i had the room for her to move in here but we just don't. Besides, we don't really get along most of the time so it would work even if i had room.

anyways...there's my update.


  1. Must be a downer day, because I am with you this morning. Don't worry about the food thing -- yesterday is done.

    I know how your mom must feel.... I was divorced for 5 years, with four kids. It is tough work to keep the money coming in, and harder now with the economy. LOL.... my greatest fear always was having to move back in with MY mom! I know you don't have room for her to live with her, but I bet a box of groceries now and then would be a nice pick-me-up for her, especially if it has some of her favorite things in it.

    Hang in there.... this too shall pass.... or so they tell me.

  2. Thanks Amy...i just finished a dog walk outside in the sunshine and my day is already a little brighter :)

    Great Idea about the bag of groceries for my mom..she would love that.

  3. I just found your blog from some discussion online about calories in calories out talk. I have a question for you. You seem to know your stuff. Here is an example.

    My BMR is 2274. Fine, I want to lose so I cut my calories back to 1400 which includes a 500 calorie workout. On some days I will do extra workouts to exceed my calories out Today I ate 1600 calories, burned 1070 through workouts. ( I have a heart rate monitor I wear ) That left me looking like this

    target calories in 1500
    actual calories in 1700
    actual calories out 1070 (not counting what I would lose doing nothing)

    total calories for the day 630. Is this right? Do I eat more to bump back up to 1500? That seems like a lot. But at the same time 630 sounds scary for a total calories in number. Is there something I am missing here? I need to lose 20 lbs.


  4. Looks right to me! The best advice i can give ya is to not worry about the calories burned so much but to listen to your body.

    In other words- if you have been eating around your calorie deficit ( 1500-1700 ) and meanwhile you have been burning lots of calories with your workouts but not really eating those calories back because you were satisfied with your meals. Then one day your ravenous, just completely starving...thats the day when I listen to my body. I will bump up my calories on that day ( around 1800-2000) works.... :), i was coming on here to complain about my eating lately so thanks for making me feel important about this diet/eating right business ;-)


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