Friday, March 25, 2011

CLX : 5wk Review & Some Chit Chat

I started CLX on Feburary 16th. So a little over 5wks ago. I took measurements on day one, today i had my DH take measurements again and I've lost 10 inches!!! Holy Snike's!  Check out my measurements tab and you can see the measurements. I lost 9lbs too. ( but I'm thinking about 4 of those 9lbs was water weight)

I also took some before and after not ready to share those yet, not until I'm done with CLX completely. I can tell a difference...and it makes me so happy and motivated to keep going! 

Went yard sales today with my hubby. Found a few things for my house and some clothes for me. Can't beat yard sales...just love them. I think I spent like 20$ and got the following:
1 set drapes/valance
pretty red decorative vase
small food processor
a large decorative pitcher, small decorative pitcher (both for kitchen)
2 pretty sexy looking night gowns with light robes
a summer dress for me
2 pairs of pj bottoms for DD
a pj set for me ( so cute )
a really cute smokey mountains shirt for me
a 4 pc set of plates ( they look like school plates, for the kids)
tubberware plate with lid

and I think thats it. I stopped at one yard sale and there suppose to be sending me a picture of a computer desk that sounded nice. We really need one.
Not bad for my first yard sale of the season...

anyways. Today was a rest day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I've got my calories set at 1500, I've logged about 1435 so far ( including 120 calories for a snack later)

130 calories
This is a pic of a strawberry shortcake cup that I made after lunch today. I used a little over a cup of strawberries, eyeballed a serving of light cool whip (YUM) and used one sugar free angel food dessert shell. I had to be careful with the cool whip since 2tbs is a serving. It was so good...and filling.


  1. Thant is just 130 calories? Ok, I will have one too; do youdeliver?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. That dessert looks amazing! Gonna give it a try tonight!


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