Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Art of Shutting Your Mouth

I hate gossip, seriously. It seems that's all people want to talk about at work....other people. I'm not going to go into names here but hearing it all the time, from everybody can get a little depressing. And I find myself joining in and that's not the person I strive to be every day! I don't like it when people gossip and the next time I hear going to smile and change the subject...nicely of course :). That's letting them know im not going to join in it any longer.

So something bothered me all day yesterday and I found myself wanting to eat, later in the evening. I stayed on plan, did eat some strawberries but I think i will be ok with that!!

Yesterday I worked the early morning shift. And the trainer was gossiping about a couple of people, and with  me being new ...i found myself listening with curiosity. But i also had to keep in mind that everything being told to me was my trainers opinion, not exactly facts. Anyways, what bothered me was how extremely hard the morning shift has it! I  had to be there 2 days in a row for training. The first training day was done by one person and the second training day, by another. So I have two different ways of doing Donuts by two completely different people. Both of my trainers have been there for over two years so there pretty darn good at it.  Donuts is hard, its hard to be there so early, its a lot to do in a short period of time. But on the flip side, your alone and the store is closed. So no customers to interrupt you.

So, after the donuts were done and my trainer flew through all the steps (with me writing them down of course) the manager was scheduled to work so she walks in. She ask ' hows it going' and I said something that isn't what I usually say to anybody. " this is hard work, wow, donuts are hard work!" . And the response from her bothered me all day....she was quiet about it. Kinda smiled and had a chuckle, but then walked off to continue working. Later we talked while I was washing dishes and she explained that 'nobody likes donuts, but everyone will have train on them' She needs everyone to know everything. The rest of the conversation i explained on yesterdays post, about how I only wanted to do donuts maybe a few times a month and she agreed.
But for some reason, when I got home...i felt that growing unsettled feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling when you said something you wished you didn't. I wished I hadn't complained about my job...because in all honesty...i do love working there and its so close to home, within walking distance.

Anyways...later in the day, after work. I called my mom. she said that if it bothers me that bad then I should call my manager and apologize and yada,yada,yada. Well...I did. And she was extremely nice about it and admitted that my response bothered her too and she's said jokingly "amy, im not going to put you on donuts five days a week, i have two people doing donuts for me, but i have to train everybody on everything.'  She told me I would be doing donuts maybe once a week and only on the days when my husband is home so it doesn't cause any conflict with the kids/babysitters.

So after i hung up the phone with her i felt SO MUCH better. Still had that guilt though, I have to learn how to keep my mouth shut!!! 

Yesterdays calories were around 1550 and I did ChaLean Extreme burn circuit 3
Today will be a nice cardio, Im actually looking forward to doing a step aerobics with Cathe then I will work my abbs.  My weight is hovering around 166-169 at the moment. My eating hasn't been very consistent, but i plan on weighing on the 29th, so i will do my best to stay on track! I would LOVE to see 164 or lower...

  I have to be at work at 1 so I better get a move on if im going to get some laundry done before...Have a great day. And thank you on your comments from the past few post :) I really appreciate all of them :)


  1. Have a great day, Amelia. It sounds like you handled thing well with your boss. We all have jobs that we would rather not do but after a while, they become routine and don't seem as hard. I wish you the best.

  2. I feel like I relate to you so much sometimes. I know exactly how you feel about gossiping. It's something I've been trying to work on it. I hate it and I always promise myself I won't do it. However, one of my friends with say something and I'm tempted to comment on it even when I know I shouldn't. Lately, I've been doing a lot better because that's not the kind of person I am.

    I also have a habit of saying something and it coming off the wrong way. I also have a problem of not saying something when I should have. I've let so many opportunities pass me by because I've held my tongue. It really sucks and like you it bothers me way after the fact.

    Good for you for calling your boss and clearing it up. I'd be much to scared to do that. LOL.


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