Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1 Size Away From Original Goal :)

So Sunday I indulged a little (ok, A lot) but i have good excuses...i was SO BITCHY and believe me; it could have been a lot worse. I had a small piece of Italian creme cake at work, then a hot ham and swiss sandwich after work with a small fry, then some wine. soo....not toooo bad. It satisfied my cravings....

Yesterday my calories ended at 1,500 and something...pretty good. Didn't get a workout in, I spent the day with my hubby. We walked around the mall for about an hour ( that counts as exercise, right?) and did some much needed shopping. I got a size 10 in Levi's ....thats one size away from goal. ITS SO CLOSE! The size 10's are super tight, but I can wear them (just not out in public,lol) anyways...

I also took a rest day yesterday because my sinuses are still bothering me. I got some Mucinex and took it last night, and besides feeling all loopy, it seems to be helping me. I still have sinus pressure and my head is till hurting...but its a little better.

Today I plan on getting in yesterdays workout, the last workout of the ChaLean Extreme Burn Phase, Burn it up + Recharge. Tomorrow starts Day #1 of the Push Phase..yay, so glad to be seeing something new. Im not very good at repetitive workouts. Thats why I never finished P90X, it got so repetitive :/ ....still a great series though...

ok...thats all for today. Just updating, no weigh in today but I will keep you updated on that. I'm holding onto water weight right now from Sundays eating and my upcoming TOM. My weight this morning was 167.0 ...so just two lbs up, I can dig that :)

Maybe soon I can come on here and post a pic of me in my goal size 8 Levis....

UPDATE: Just finished Cathe Friedrich's Step Moves on 8' step. Burned 462 calories...woot,woot :D


  1. Hey, Amelia. Around here Levi's run small to the size so if you get into the 8s you are probably a size smaller in other brands. That is always a plus. :)

  2. That's nice to know Karen...thanks.


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