Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Therapy Session

My gosh, im so emotional today? Its got to be the new job. I got my schedule for next week and im working 39hours.(yowza) I got hired as a part-time employee so i wasn't expecting that much. But then I was told that a girl will be out the whole week so everyone is working a lot of hours. I will love that paycheck im sure...

Therapy Session Time:
There's a part of me that almost broke down last night. All I kept thinking was I have to get this done, then I will do that...then i will pee then I will do yada,yada,yada and it kept going on like that until i closed the bakery.  I swear, my brain was on overload with all the thinking it was doing. I also had three cakes yesterday that I had to write on and my nerves were just shot! When I got home last night I was in complete shock up until i went to bed (took two shots of whiskey for that task;-). This morning i woke up and got my babies on the bus, downed a few glasses of water and went back to bed. I know the next couple of days will be tough with my workouts, work, juggling the kids with babysitters,logging my food and keeping the house clean. Its going to be a challenge to get it all in...but I know I can do it, just got to. And the worst part of all is that my hubby has to work four days this week and I won't be seeing him that much :(. That makes me very sad. Today I'm off work and he's off work but hes at his moms house watching her, she isn't in the best of health and needs 24/7 care.  Its going to be a tough week...

I'm leaving you with some picks of some cheesecake and donuts DH bought yesterday at my bakery. This is just a small example of what im around all day...oy!!!  I took the small bite out of the peanut butter cheesecake on the right (260 calories per a slice...I THINK NOT) and I also sampled the croissant thingy that melted in my mouth. I estimated 250 calories for both samples for yesterdays calories. 

This is the only samples I have had since working there for four days now. I pledge to not be doing any spontaneous popping of chocolaty goodness in my mouth, no licking of the butter cream icing and no tasting of any kind UNLESS I plan for them! Cross my heart and hope to die :P


  1. I cannot believe you are faced with this everyday. Yikes!
    You are doing good, I must say. Don't give in though. All those little bites can lead up to sabotage. Stay strong!!


  2. Wow, mama, you do have your hands full. You can do this.

    Those baked goods looking freaking awesome. I worked at a bakery when I got pregnant. Thank god the smell of icing made me nauseous, and I had to quit, or I would have gained even more than 100 pounds! You are doing so well staying away from the sweets.


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