Thursday, February 17, 2011

So-Called Friends

Right now im mad and hurt :(

My definition of a friend : A person to whom i feel close enough to-to share my life's dramas. The ups and the downs and the good days and the bad. I expect the person to be happy for me when its the ups and be there for me when its the downs. I expect them to listen.  I expect them to not be judgmental or jealous. I don't expect them to absorb what i say only for their own benefit.

In turn..I try to be the best person that I know how to be. I try to do exactly what i expect from my friends.

Recently I have talked about a job that i may have, starting Friday. Its at a particular place that i have turned in numerous applications over the past year or so and have also spoken to the manger(s) on a number of occasions. I have been VERY persistent in getting this job.
When i finally have the opportunity to work there im absolutely thrilled. So thrilled in fact that I tell a few family members and a friend(who I will refer to as this person in this story).  Well the response from the friend wasn't at all what I expected. They act like their jealous?
 This person is also looking for a job but hasn't been as persistent as me.  When I told this person i was looking to get a job at this particular place this person said, and I quote "well I can get a job there anytime I want to because I have a inside connection". I said thats great..go for it( being encouraging, not being a smart ass or anything)
Well, that was about a month ago. And I have spoken to this person once week since and asked if this person as been to the particular place with thier inside connection and this person would reply, "no, i haven't had time too". forward to now......I just got off the phone with this person and just in this past week since telling this person about my opportunity, this person has been at this particular place with their inside connection twice now and hasn't had a job offer. I just got off the phone with this person and they made it a point to be rude about my job history and the fact that i had very little experience at this particular place. WHO DOES THAT?

I won't be answering the phone anymore when this person calls...i don't need people like this person in my life. I feel kinda sad right now because I thought I had friend in this person :( , true friends are so hard to come by....

The morning drama won't stop me from whats important for today. Today goals are to of course eat on plan and to get in a workout with ChaLean.
On tabs today burn intervals then abb burner. Its pretty out so i think i will walk the dog first.

Have a good day =)


  1. I would just kick this person to the curb and let her go. Obviously, she is not the type to share in her friend's triumphs. Not exactly the best friend to have. Don't let her negativity get you down. Let her go and move on.:)

  2. Thanks Karen..thats exactly what I plan to do =) have a great day girl

  3. i'm still here for you :) always got your back. fellow chickadee.

  4. i agree with karen; kick this negative nancy to the curb!! you don't need people like that in your life. one thing i have learned is it doesnt matter how long i have been friends with someone: if they constantly drag me down and dont offer anything positive, then they are out of my life. i only have a handful of people i can really call friends but i can say they are actually friends, and that's all that matters :)


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