Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Im blogging about my upcoming job. Im so mixed up emotionally right now...I hope this makes me feel better.

I went to that meeting today and filled out all the paper work for getting hired but for some reason im still skeptical?  Im waiting for someone to take it away. I've had a really hard time accepting my last job rejection last year. It was a horrible and humiliating experience and I don't ever want to go through that again.

I just got off the phone with the manager and she's going to make up the schedule for this week. I told her that the other manager said I had to wait until my back ground check came back...she asked if i was ever arrested. sigh. I told her I was arrested back when i was 17 ( 17 years ago). Then she asked what hours i would be available for training....so that gives me hope, I don't think she cared about it too much. I still can't get it out of my mind right now. So until I have been there for about a month - only then, i can celebrate. 

We also got a very discouraging letter today from the IRS. There was a mistake in the 2009 tax year and we owe. The amount is ridiculous and there only giving us a month to pay it. WTF? 

But I won't let anything get me down. Im still on plan with my eating. That's the one thing I have control over. I did a 48min step aerobics workout this morning and burned 408 calories. I even raised my step from 6" to 8"...i was kicking ass ;-)

UPDATE: Well...i start Friday! I'm still holding back from the excitement. But it feels good to be bringing in an income FINALLY! 


  1. Think positively about the job. No point in worrying until there is a reason to worry. :) Sorry about the IRS. Give them a call and ask about payment arrangements.

  2. CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

  3. Thanks Melissa!!! Hugs girl...


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