Friday, February 18, 2011

A Lion In The Lambs Cage!

 I start my new job today and I'm kinda nervous. I've done this type of work before -way back when. I've got babysitting arrangements for the kids made and my clothes are ready.

My job is a Bakery Clerk, i will be decorating cakes & baking all the cookies, donuts and whatever else they back (bread,muffins). So its going to be interesting to see ME (a lion) in a bakery full of yummy treats( lamb cage). I think for the most part i will be ok...besides,  if you make it and smell it all day long- you really don't want it. At least that's the theory anyway. When I was younger, I worked at baskin Robins/ dunkin donuts and hardly ever ate there. I got sick of smelling all the donuts. I did however take advantage of the coffee ;-)

The situation with my so-called friend yesterday is still living fresh inside my mind. I had a hard time sleeping last night. And that IRS thing isn't helping either, the payment arrangements are ridiculous. They charge 50$ on top of your payment for each payment ,, so we've decided to just pay one payment with next years refund. **shakes head**

My mom came over last night and all we did was argue. To sum up the argument...she's the reason we owe the IRS $ and she doesn't want to help pay anything. I've talked her into paying half...but i will believe it when i see the cash in my hand. Its a shame that we're fighting over money :( i don't see her a lot and we don't have the best relationship. We had a pretty hard childhood and I think deep down inside me somewhere i still blame both my parents for our hardships.

Anyways...on to today. Ive got Burn Circuit 3 on tabs and I think i will walk the dog again. Its pretty out today. Oh..and the scale is at 173.0 ...its moving in the right direction again. (still time of month for me..sorry to the fellas reading :/ ) Sinus pressure just about killed me last head felt like a balloon every time I bent over. Oh will pass.


  1. Sorry about the IRS situation. They used to be easier to work with. I guess they are getting greedier just like everyone else. I hope you have a good day in spite of it all. :)

  2. Amy - Congrats on your new job! I am so happy for you! You'll do fine with avoiding the "sweets" - and if not its not the end of the world. We won't hold anything against you! :) Have a great day!

    ps. I see you're doing CX? I just got CX a few weeks ago and am doing the CX/TF hybrid schedule.

  3. Sorry to hear about the IRS problem... it's gets tough with family and money issues, I KNOW!

    But sounds like your new job will be exciting and can I just say that you have a job I've always wanted: working in a bakery! Congrats!

    And I haven't had time to catch up on your blog yet, but sounds like your doing ChaLean Extreme. Can't wait to follow your progress!


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